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Bolton Crafts Association hold Craft & Gifts Events online and in fantastic venues. It is an opportunity for many local Artisans, crafters & collectors to meet your customers as well as each other.

Artisans & visitors to events are always keen to learn new skills, buy your amazing crafts or gifts and experience the ambiance of your shows. We could think of no better way to celebrate those talents, exchange ideas & share some inspiration for your Arts & Crafts. Stallholders make these events. We don't charge for admission but rather they experience the day!

Our MD spent many years as General Manager of a well known Arts & Crafts retailer. His MS forced a career change but he never lost his passion for the industry. Please join us  and share your  unique  arts and crafts.

'The craft industry has gone from strength to strength. We have so many Artisans ready to exhibit and sell their wares. There are now  over 2000 exhibitors on the mailing list and over 1000 visitors and customers to each MONTH. If you have booked one of our events, your booking also includes FREE advertising, please email some of your photographs!  Remember, there is NO charge, NO contract and you may change things as and when you wish. The price is usually a lot higher!'

If you would like to join the Mailing list as either an exhibitor or customer, we would love you to. Please use 'Contact Us' For customers/visitors please write CU and for exhibitors, please write EX.

Thank you


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Printable Heaven is brilliant as their Craft Supplies are very reasonably priced. Give them a look and see what you think!