Bolton Crafts Association hold Craft & Gifts Events in fantastic venues. It is an opportunity for the many local Artisans, crafters & collectors to meet their customers as well as each other.

Artisans & visitors to our events are always keen to learn new skills, buy amazing crafts and experience the ambiance of our shows. We could think of no better way to celebrate those talents, exchange ideas & share some inspiration for our Arts & Crafts.

Our MD spent many years as General Manager of a well known Arts & Crafts retailer here in Bolton. His MS forced a career change but he never lost his passion for the industry.

Just to let you know that the money received from all exhibitors, is used to pay the venue (usually not cheap), the extensive advertising and any printing or marketing materials that are required. Any money left over, is spent at the craft fair....ensuring it goes back in to the industry and then anything bought, is donated to a local charity. Unlike many companies, we are 'Not for Profit' and certainly don't do it to 'line our pockets'. Really good luck at the events.

 Thank you