Most businesses have a website, but if you think yours needs a revamp, get in touch with us. As you can see from our site, it is important to have someone to look over it and ensure it is working as hard as you are. Having a good website can improve your google rankings, engage existing customers, attract new ones and so much more. You can post your latest news, exclusive offers and link to all your social media and product pages in the click of a button.  If you have a family member or friend give you some pointers of what should be included, that’s great. If you want help or direction in ensuring your website looks its best or include some important information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We support local business and your success is paramount.

Our fees are ridiculously low!

Website Overview (with written report) £109 Business Consultancy including full report £215 Personal Business Training £579 (paid over 24 months & no interest)

“Our MD has been in the business world for over 30 years"

“He is the brainchild of BCA Events. He started with 34 exhibitors in 2010 which has grown to over 1000 in 7 years.”We have regular craft events with more to follow in 2017.There are nearly 1000 visitors to our website, every month. We are Affiliate traders with over 41 companies.

We were recently accepted & authorised to have affiliation with Create & Craft.We were invited on BBC Radio Lancashire, & BBC Radio Manchester to discuss the craft Industry with a Question and Answer forum.EMAIL FOR DETAILS (Please use 'Contact Us' and quote BCA Forum)Thankyou